About Steph 

IU Grad | Photographer | Storyteller

Hello! I'm Stephanie! With over a decade of experience capturing life's most vibrant moments, from weddings to thrilling sports events, to creating marketing content for my full-time marketing gig, I've honed my photography to not just take pictures, but to tell stories.

My journey began in high school taking my first photography class. The moment I saw my first photo appear on the paper in the school darkroom, I was hooked. My event photography journey began on the rugby fields of Indiana University. After a knee injury, I pivoted to capturing my team members during practice and games. 

These days, when I'm not strategizing in the marketing world, you can find me contributing as a freelance journalist for a local neighborhood magazine, where I love connecting with the community and sharing its unique stories.

Catch me on the weekends where I'm baking up a storm, hiking through local trails with my scruffy dog, or attending shows in the local music scene. Photography is more than a hobby for me; it's a way of creating lasting memories and connecting with people.

Let's connect and capture the good moments.


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